1932 saw the publication of one of the great utopian novels of the 20th century: an insidiously seductive vision of our future, the construction of a paradise where happiness is injected like a drug. It seems like the best of all worlds – until you look behind the scenes. GAVIN QUINN, who will stage Aldous Huxley’s novel, is the co-director of the renowned theatre company “Pan Pan Theatre” from Dublin. His award-winning works for drama and musical theatre could be seen at numerous festivals; at Abbey Theatre in Dublin he recently staged Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Direction Gavin Quinn, Stage Aedin Cosgrove, Costume Alissa Kolbusch, Music Simon Schröder, Dramaturgy Michael Raab, With Andrew Bennett/ Andrej Kaminski, Benjamin Berger, Bernd Braun, Daniel Breitfelder, Johanna Falckner, Mareike Hein, Robert Höller, Alois Reinhardt, Birte Schrein, Lydia Stäubli