TEDx Bonn 2022 – Designing the Future

Wie kann eine nachhaltige Zukunft aussehen?
Vor uns liegen anspruchsvolle Zeiten mit ökologischen, wirtschaftlichen, geopolitischen und sozialen Herausforderungen. Aber eine andere, bessere Welt ist möglich, wenn wir diese Krisen als Chancen begreifen.
Die Fähigkeit, kritisch zu denken und innovative Lösungen für Probleme zu visualisieren, ist die Grunddefinition von Designern. Design ist also weitaus mehr, als nur ästhetische Gestaltung. Unsere Gesellschaft braucht Akteur:innen mit diesen gestalterischen Fähigkeiten, denn es liegt an uns: Meistern wir die bevorstehenden Veränderungen, indem wir unsere Zukunft aktiv gestalten, also designen - oder resignieren wir und enden in einer  Katastrophe?

Wir laden Sie ein, Expert:innen zu treffen, deren unkonventionelle Design-Ideen und Erfolgsgeschichten einen Wandel zur Nachhaltigkeit bewirken.

In unserer kommenden TEDx-Veranstaltung "Designing the future" bringen wir Unternehmer:innen, Erfinder:innen und Künstler:innen zusammen, damit sie uns von ihren Ideen erzählen.

Unsere Gäste sind:
TV-Moderatorin und Networking-Expertin Janine Steeger, Gründer und Business Angel Fridtjof Detzner, Künstlerin und Designerin Anne Duk Hee Jordan, Modedesignerin und Nachhaltigkeitsbotschafterin Magdalena Schaffrin und Verfahrenstechnikerin und Start-up-Gründerin Anne Lamp

Seien Sie am 13. Dezember von 12.00 - 15.30 live dabei und lassen sich von den Talks über kreative Ideen, die unsere Zukunft gestalten, inspirieren.

Alle Vorträge sind auf Englisch.

Speaker and guests

has focused her work on sustainability in fashion since 2005. Being the co-founder of several organizations, she is currently the co-CEO of studio MM04 and VORN – The Berlin Fashion Hub, a digital and physical space for positive impact within the fashion industry and culture. She is one of the initiators of the conference 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit, a project by studio MM04, and supported the Neonyt trade fair as creative director from 2011 - 2022. In 2016 she released the book ''Fashion Made Fair'', contributed to several publications and is an experienced speaker. From 2021-2022 she has been a professor for sustainable fashion at the BSP - Business School Berlin.

Credits photo: Joachim Baldauf

lives and works in Berlin. She studied at the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin and completed a Master in Fine Arts with Olafur Eliasson at the Institute for Spatial Experiments in Berlin. Her central themes are transience and transformation. She builds mechanical sculptures, integrates perfomance and  creates immersive landscapes. Her sculptures are intended to sharpen the viewer's eye for the present and to open a dialogue between natural phenomena, philosophy and art. To this end, she shifts the focus away from humans
and towards the ecology as a whole.
Exhibitions at Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin, Kunsthaus Hamburg, balzer projects Basel, Nanjing/China, Tabakalera San Sebastian, etc. and many more.

Credits photo: Ricard Estay

is a trained TV journalist with almost 20 years of experience in TV in front of and behind the camera. She has worked for both public and private broadcasters as an editor, reporter, presenter and in management positions. In 2015, Janine Steeger specialized in the topics of sustainability and environmental protection and successfully completed the distance learning course "Operational Environmental Management and Environmental Economics". Currently, she works in this topic area as a moderator and speaker and published her first book in 2020 - "Going Green - why you don't have to be perfect to save the climate". In 2022 she published, together with Ines Imdahl, her second book "Why women will save the world - and men are essential in doing so". She is also the co-founder of futurewoman.de, a portal where event organizers and editorial teams can specifically search for female experts in sustainability to make their programs more diverse.

Credits photo: Nadine Dilly

founded his first company in 1999 at the age of 16: In 2007 it became Jimdo, a website construction kit which enabled more than 25 million people to create their own website. In 2017 he shot a ten-part TV documentary with “Deutsche Welle”: The idea was simple: travel 120 days through 10 Asian countries and choose one of the 17 UN sustainability goals.
What sounded nice at first turned out to be a life changing event for him. 
After this trip, he decided to invest his time and resources solely in startups that are doing significantly better than today's economy. Together with like-minded people, he founded Planet A Ventures in 2020, where they provide venture capital to scientists and founders to work on an economy within planetary boundaries.

Credits photo: instagram/@chap.chaplin

is co-founder and CEO of the circular bioeconomy start-up traceless materials. She has developed the technology for the production of the novel, natural-based plastic alternative traceless materials. Anne holds a PhD in process engineering from Hamburg University of Technology and has extensive experience in commercial product development and process scaling. She is also a recognized industry expert in life-cycle assessment and Cradle to Cradle.

Credits photo: Anne Lamp


Liz Shoo was born in Germany, but grew up in Tanzania. After she returned to Germany’s Rhineland to attend college, she took part in DW Akademie’s trainee program – and she hasn’t left since. She's the presenter of DW's TV shows "Focus on Europe" and "The 77%". She is also working at the German public broadcaster WDR as a journalist and presenter of the news format “WDR aktuell”.

Credits photo: Annika Fußwinkel

Artistic program


Fiona is songwriter & singer of the band Fiona & The Kibbeling Kings from Cologne. The original line-up of guitar and vocals has now become a colorful ensemble of singers, guitars, rhythm instruments, brass and strings, playing their own tunes in a wide range of variations. The almost exclusively English songs can be classified somewhere between folk, singer-songwriter,soul, pop and funk - with a good portion of humor, joie de vivre, thoughtfulness and a bit of irony.
Together with the Cologne guitarist Malte Pries (among others Hall&Rauch, Mythos Amerika), she develops a duo format, which works with the sound of acoustic and electric guitar and two-part singing

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) ist eine gemeinnützige Organisation, die sich der Verbreitung von “Ideas Worth Spreading” verschrieben hat. Vor 30 Jahren als viertägige Konferenz in Kalifornien gestartet, hat sich TED zu einer unabhängigen Internet-Plattform für alle neugierigen und wissbegierigen Menschen rund um den Globus entwickelt. Die jährlichen TED-Konferenzen laden führende Denker*innen und Macher*innen aus aller Welt ein, um ihre Expertise, Ideen und Visionen mit der TED Community in maximal 15-minütigen Beiträgen zu teilen. Alle TED Talks werden aufgezeichnet und auf den TED Seiten veröffentlicht.

TEDx basiert auf dem Prinzip der TED Konferenzen. Es ein unabhängiges, ortsgebundenes Format für “Ideen, die es wert sind, verbreitet zu werden”. Diese lokalen, selbstorganisierten Veranstaltungen werden als TEDx bezeichnet, wobei “x” für eine unabhängig organisierte TED-Veranstaltung steht. Die Organisatoren sind verpflichtet, sich an das Format und die Richtlinien von TED zu halten.