The Rising Role of Digitalization in our Lives – Roundtable

A positive new force in society, culture, the arts and humanity?

Live with our guests from Deutsche Telekom’s Headquarters in Bonn, Germany, September 17th, 8 p.m, directly after the TEDx event.

Art meets expert: In our live debate four experts from the fields of art, culture, environment and economy will examine the extent to which digitalization is changing our lives in new and unforeseen ways.

Digitalization is perhaps the most defining social trend of this century. It influences our working world, our leisure activities and our consumer behaviour. No one can escape this development. This makes it all the more important to use the new technologies consciously.

Covid-19 has accelerated the spread of digital technologies and made the public and society more aware of their impact. Like all technologies, this pioneer of the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ has the potential for incredibly positive impacts on our lives and our world including managing risks to our natural world. But are there downsides to this upside? How can we maximize the good versus the not so good, is there a need for a new ethics? What are the moral tools to make digitalization a positive force for change now and over the decades to come?

Our guests: Torsten Brodt [Head of Commercial Management, Deutsche Telekom], Özlem Doger-Herter (CEO of ASK-A-WOMAN.COM], Yannick Hofmann [media artist and deputy director of the Hertz-Lab at ZKM], Angela Richter [Theatre director, Author], Daniel Sproll [VR designer and co-founder von]

Moderation: Nick Nuttal [International Strategic Communications Director of Earth Day Network and the social platform We Don't Have Time]

Join our amazing guests by registerng at and take part in the debate by asking questions via live chat.

An event created by SAVE THE WORLD in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom / Customer Experience