I NEED AIR – call for entries


Dear friends from all across the globe, the UN Climate conference will take place in December in Katowice, Poland this year. For the conference, singer/songwriter Bernadette La Hengst has once again written a beautiful climate song. The song connects 197 nations from all over the world. Therefore we would like to invite multiple voices from all over the world to be part of this video. The song is about Air. And we need your support.

We have something very special in mind: We would like to see you open a window and show us what you see!

In other words, if you would like to be part of this exciting video, all you need to do is, send us a short video of yourself opening a window and giving us a short glimpse of what’s outside your window. It really doesn’t matter where you are: at work, at home, on holiday, looking out onto a busy street, an open land- scape or a dusty road. We would love to see it all!


The best way is:

  1. Film yourself opening a window (camera/phone in one hand, opening win- dow with the other)
  2. have a friend film you opening a window
  3. OR
  4. place your camera/phone on a tripod to film yourself opening a window.

Use any device that suits you: High-end camera as well as smartphone footage - all is welcome!


Once you are done, please send the un-edited video, your name and the name of the city you are in to: mail@savetheworld.de


The deadline for all entries is: 15.11.2018
We can’t wait to see your video and would like to thank you in advance!