Expert-Talk: Taking care of our planet

Teddy expert talk

How society, politics and companies can focus on sustainability

It's time to make a turning point for people and the planet. 2021 will be the time for accelerated action that sets the world on the right course. Let’s seize the moment and show that transformation is possible and every individual action matters. These actions require bold approaches, courageous ideas, and raising our collective ambition. What can companies, politicians and citizens do? We talked about the possibilities and limits of corporate responsibility, the liability of politics and the commitment of each individual.

As part of this year's Expert Talk at the Telekom Design Gallery, Moderator Liz Shoo was speaking with Melanie Kubin-Hardewig (Vice President Group Sustainability Management Deutsche Telekom, Monika Griefahn (founding member Greenpeace Germany & former environment Minister) and Stefanie Kuhnhen (Author, Managing Director & Founder). All three women are leading experts on sustainable action in their fields.

An Expert Talk with:

Melanie Kubin-Hardewig (Vice President Group Sustainability Management Deutsche Telekom)

Melanie Kubin-Hardewig has been Vice President for Group Sustainability Management at Deutsche Telekom AG since 2017.

This includes environmental and climate protection, but also human rights issues as well as sustainable supply chain management and the development and control of the relevant KPIs of DTAG’s corporate responsibility commitment.

Another focus is the integration of sustainability into the Group’s product development and innovation topics as well as the further development of Deutsche Telekom’s CR strategy within the framework of digital responsibility.

Dr. Monika Griefahn (founding member Greenpeace Germany & former environment Minister)

Dr. Monika Griefahn is a founding member of Greenpeace Germany, where she was Co-Director from 1980 to 1983, organizing campaigns against chemical pollution of oceans and rivers. From 1984 to 1990, Monika Griefahn was the first woman to serve on the International Board of Greenpeace. From 1990 to 1998, she was Environment Minister in Lower Saxony in Gerhard Schröder's cabinet. She was subsequently a member of the German Bundestag (1998-2009).

Then as now, she campaigned for a new energy policy: for renewable energies and the phasing out of nuclear energy, as well as a broad improvement of products according to Cradle to Cradle (C2C) and corresponding production processes.

Griefahn is head of the advisory board of the NGO Cradle to Cradle. C2C NGO links business, science, education, politics and civil society. The school of thought of Cradle to Cradle is that one can be a beneficial organism and part of nature.

Photo Credits: Bianca Schüler

Marina Ponti (Global Director of the UN SDG Action Campaign)

Marina Ponti is the Director of the UN SDG Action Campaign. As one of the main architects of the UN Millennium Campaign - the predecessor of the UN SDG Action Campaign - Ms. Ponti served as Global Deputy Director and Regional Director for Europe for over a decade and was at the vanguard of innovative campaign initiatives, building multi-stakeholder coalitions, mobilizing resources and forging long-term partnerships between civil society organizations, Local Government, parliamentarians, media, the private sector and the UN.

Ms. Ponti has published several articles for newspapers, magazines, online publications and blogs on the Millennium Development Goals, on the Sustainable Development Goals, on aid effectiveness, financial speculation, gender equality, social development, local development, debt-relief, human rights, and trade.

Moderation: Liz Shoo

Liz Shoo was born in Germany, but grew up in Tanzania. After she returned to Germany’s Rhineland to attend college, she took part in DW Akademie’s trainee program – and she hasn’t left since. She's the presenter of DW's TV shows "Focus on Europe" and "The 77%". She is also working at the German public broadcaster WDR as a journalist and presenter of the news format “WDR aktuell”.

Photo Credits: Herby Sachs