Eva Gronbach & Vanessa Püllen (FEMNET) – FASHION & FAIR TRADE


Whether fashionista, fashion victim or second hand fan - this workshop is all about sustainable fashion. Vanessa Püllen (Femnet e.V.) helps participants to understand the long journey of jeans around the globe - from design to production and transportation to sales. Here, young people learn everything about the so-called "killer jeans" and about the positive effects that can be achieved through the use of certified organic cotton and the use of fair trade systems.

In the practical workshop segment, the designer Eva Gronbach teaches the participants what characterizes a fabric made from biologically produced natural fibers and how new fashion can emerge from used clothes and old textiles. In this way, on the one hand, the production and work processes for the production of clothing are made tangible. On the other hand, the playful-artistic exploration of the subject of fashion opens up a space for discourse and questions about one's own identity, background and affiliation.

Workshop leader: Eva Gronbach

Partner institution: FEMNET e.V.