Bernadette La Hengst – CLIMATE & MOBILITY



How does the choice of transport affect the environment and the climate? And how are drivers in Germany connected to storm surges and floods in Asia and East Africa? Around a quarter of global carbon dioxide emissions are due to increased fuel consumption in this age of mobility. The need to be mobile at all times, with the help of means of transport such as airplane or car, and to travel quickly and conveniently, is an important factor in terms of climate change.

Together with the "climate fairy" Bernadette La Hengst, young climate researchers are visiting the workshop of the United Nations Climate Secretariat. There, they explore the connection between mobility and global warming and playfully find ways to counteract climate change through behavioral changes in everyday life. Music serves as a fuel to set CO2 emissions to zero and travel around the world with a song written together.

Workshop leader: Bernadette La Hengst

Partner institution: The United Nations Climate Secretariat (UNFCCC)