17 goals – Poetry Slam with Hajo Tuschy

17 goals - your goals. The poetry slam.

Poetry slammers and the actor Hajo Tuschy from the Bonn Theater open poetic perspectives on the 17 sustainability goals as part of the SDG Days in Bonn

The UN, ambassadors, politicians, they all talk about sustainability. The word sustainability is anchored in our vocabulary so much that we no longer ask for its content. Sustainability consists of 17 main focuses; the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs for short). From combating poverty, securing peace to sustainable consumption, living under water and on land: Sustainability has many faces. A cooperation of the Department of Ecology of the University of Bonn, the Office for International and Global Sustainability of the City of Bonn and SAVE THE WORLD.

A collaboration of the Referat für Ökologie der Universität Bonn, the Amt für Internationales und globale Nachhaltigkeit der Stadt Bonn and SAVE THE WORLD